General Discipline

College Rules (Instruction for students)

1. All students are to attend classes in clean, well-pressed white aprons with their name plates on the left front side of the Apron.

2. Smoking is forbidden in the College Campus. Substance abuse prohibited.

3. Pasting of posters in the walls of the College and the Hospital premises are prohibited.

4. All types of demonstrations, shouting in the College and Hospital premises are prohibited and students involved in them are liable to be expelled from the College.

5. Students must behave properly with staff/employees of the College/Hospital. Acts of misbahaviour are also acts of indiscipline and liable for disciplinary action.

6. Students are expected to maintain the highest standard in their academic and private lives.

7. At the time of admission into the College, students and parents/guardians will have to sign a bond that their children will abide by the rules and regulations of the College.

8. Every student shall provide themselves all the prescribed Text Books, Dissecting instruments, Medical equipments, etc. The College will NOT supply these to the students.

9. Leave in case of illness or other unavoidable reason of non-attendance, a written statement from the parent/guardian is to be presented to the teachers concerned, who in turn will submit it to the Principal for approval.

10. Any unauthorized absence/ non-attendance in the class will be liable for disciplinary action.

11. Cost of loss/damage to College/Hospital property is liable to be realized from the student/ students found responsible of the loss/ damage of the College/Hospital property.

Political activities are NOT permitted in the College.

College Discipline

Students must observe strict discipline in the College. On disciplinary grounds, following penalties may be imposed on a student (according to the nature of the offense committed).

  1. Warning.
  2. Fines (Amount to be decided by the authorities).
  3. Expulsion from the College (temporarily or permanently) depending on the gravity of the offense committed. Penalties imposed on a student will be recorded in his/her Transcript/ Testimonial.

A student’s name may be struck off from the College Register under the following circumstances:

  1. Remaining absent from classes for more than three months without any information.
  2. On disciplinary ground as per decision of the Academic Council.
  3. On non-payment of the College dues within three months of date of payment.
  • Common Rules for Examinations
  • University Professional Examination to be started from May and November.
  • University Professional Examination will be completed within the specified time of the concerned Phase.
  • After passing 1st Professional MBBS Examination, students can appear for 2nd Professional MBBS Examination, if all other prerequisites for 2nd Professional MBBS Examination are fulfilled. In the meantime, students can attend Clinical Ward placement, teaching and learning sessions.
  • To appear 3rd Professional MBBS Examination, students have to pass all the subjects of previous 2nd Professional MBBS Examination and all other relevant prerequisites are to be fulfilled. In the meantime, students can attend Clinical Ward placement, teaching learning sessions.

To appear 4th (Final) Professional Examination, students have to pass all the subjects of previous 3rd Professional Examination and all other prerequisites are to be fulfilled. In the meantime, students can attend Clinical Ward placement, teaching learning sessions.

Few directives and consensus about the following issues of assessment:

  1. In case of OSPE/OSCE, instruments/equipments to be taken to oral boards to ask open questions to the students, apart from Structured Oral Examination (SOE). There will be scope of instrument related viva, especially in clinical subjects and where applicable. Central OSPE/OSCE from Dean Office after moderation will be encouraged.
  2. In case of Structured Oral Examination (SOE), instead of preparing specific structured question, topics will be fixed considering wide range of contents coverage. Rating scale will be used for marking the students concurrently. Each student will be asked questions from all topics of the set. Equal or average duration of time will be set for every student.
  • Library Rules and Regulations

These rules are adopted in order to provide an atmosphere that is appropriate to library use. So, everyone using the library is expected to abide by the following rules.

  1. Teachers can borrow books only for one month whichshould be renewed before due date. Students are not allowed to borrow any book. They will read only in the library room.
  2. Reference books, Journals, research reports, magazines etc. are not offered for loan but can be used for reading in the library after entry into the register. They have to be returned to the circulation desk.
  3. If any library materials is lost or damaged, theconcerned person should replace it by a new and original one.
  4. Personal possessions are not allowed in the library.
  5. Operation of any personal electronic devices (e.g. laptop, tablet, Smart Phone) are not allowed to use inside the library.
  6. Leaving debris or waste materials on the study tables or in any other place inside the library is prohibited.
  7. Taking food and drinks is not allowed inside the library.
  8. Smoking within the library is strictly prohibited.
  9. Making sounds ornoises (including discussion, gossiping, talking on a cell phone) which breaks the silence of the library and causes disturbance to others is completely prohibited.
  10. Library users should avoid resting their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, windows etc.
  11. Users should not move books, theses, journals and other periodicals from their specific areas to another area.
  12. Users should not keep the books or other materials on the shelves after reading; they will leave it on the table. The library staff will do the necessary steps.
  13. Users should refrain from rearranging library furniture.
  14. Users should refrain from sleeping in the library.
  15. Marking, underlining or disfiguration with pen/pencil/marker on a book, periodical, journal, chairs, table or other library material is forbidden.
  16. Defects noticed on the books and other materials taken for reading or for borrowing should be brought immediately to the notice of the library staff on duty. Books loaned should be protected from any damage.
  17. Users must keep their bags on the rack before entering the library.
  18. No one will be allowed to use the library except the teachers and students of this institution.But with special permission, someone can use the library for a limited period only.

Usersshould read newspapers on the specific newspaper table within the library and should not move the newspapers from that site.

Principal of


After passing the Final Professional MBBS Examination, students have to enroll for one year log book-based rotator internship program. Within this one year period, 11 months and 15 days will be at Medical College Hospital and remaining 15 days at an Upazila Health Complex (UHC), the sub-district-level public hospitals. Internship program will be more structured and supervised. It is compulsory to complete Internship Training program designed by the BMDC to get permanent registration for doing independent medical practice.